When you think of filming locations for movies, Colorado isn't usually the first place that comes to mind and this is true for the sci-fi and fantasy genres as well.

For example, some of the most popular films in the genre like the Lord of the Rings trilogy were largely filmed across the globe in New Zealand, and the Star Wars films were largely filmed in different parts of California.

However, it may surprise you that a good-sized handful of sci-fi and fantasy films have in fact been filmed in the Centennial State.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Movies Filmed in Colorado

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It may not only come as a surprise that so many sci-fi and fantasy movies were filmed in Colorado, but also the number of famous actors, writers, and directors attached to those films.

For example, a movie called 'Sleeper' starring Woody Allen was released in 1973 and filmed in Golden, Colorado, and a movie called 'The Black Hole' starring both Malcolm McDowell of 'A Clockwork Orange' fame as well as Dean Cain was released in 2016 and filmed in Boulder.

In addition, two fairly well-known TV movies written by Stephen King were filmed in Colorado; 1994's The Shining which was filmed in Estes Park, and 1997's The Stand starring Lieutenant Dan himself Gary Sinise was filmed in Colorado Springs and Boulder.

Another movie starring the late Patrick Swayze called 'Tall Tale' was filmed in Carbondale, Colorado and released in 1995, as well as 'Phantoms' starring Ben Affleck which was released in 1998 and filmed in Georgetown, Colorado.

Take a look at 27 sci-fi and fantasy movies filmed in Colorado:

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