Over the years, many subjects have made their presence known in American folklore. We've all heard of things like Bigfoot, the Chupacabra, and partially thanks to modern cinema, La Llorona. However, there is another mythical creature with origins in parts of Colorado that is just as terrifying, if not more so, and that is the legend of the Navajo Skinwalkers.

What are the Navajo Skinwalkers?

The Navajo Skinwalkers are creatures that are said to have once been human but have evolved into something much more sinister and frightening.

According to one Navajo legend, a Skinwalker is a Navajo human spirit that, in an attempt to escape from persecution, participated in rituals involving the supernatural and forms of witchcraft to become an entirely different being.

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This being is said to be a shapeshifter that can change from a human form to an animal form, or vice-versa. Interestingly, it has been said that the human form has animalistic eyes whereas the animal shape has more human-like eyes.

Are Skinwalkers Evil?

In all accounts related to the alleged backstories of the Skinwalkers, as well as their alleged behavior, they are said to be bred from evil and commit evil acts.

Legend has it that in order to become a Skinwalker, a member of the Navajo tribe must first want to become one, and must perform evil acts to do so. It's said that one way to become a Skinwalker is to practice witchcraft in Anasazi ruins and burial grounds and if done correctly, the person will gain supernatural powers.

Another way it's been said that Skinwalkers are born is when a priest or medicine man purposefully commits murder or another serious offense with the intention of becoming a skinwalker, after which they are banished from society and doomed to a life of evil.

What Do Skinwalkers Do?

Numerous accounts of Skinwalkers wreaking havoc over the years have been reported, usually in areas with a dense Navajo population including parts of Utah, Arizona, and even Southwestern Colorado in the four corners region.

These accounts describe animals with bright, luminescent human-like eyes or humans with equally bright animal-like eyes changing shape and causing trouble in numerous ways.

These creatures are said to chase after cars at up to 60 miles per hour, terrorize livestock with hideously evil laughing, climb roofs of homes while families are sleeping, and even attack entire families.

Colorado native and author Adam James Jones has written extensively about Skinwalkers and other Native American lore. If you'd like to learn more about Navajo Skinwalkers, check out some of his works on his website.

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