You may or may not know this, but there was once a town just outside of Pueblo, Colorado by the name of Swallows. However, many years ago the town was destroyed by a flood and subsequently became completely covered with water.

However, one part of Swallows, Colorado still remains and that is the cemetery.

History of Swallows Colorado

Swallows, Colorado was named after the birds of the same name that are abundant in the area which is now Lake Pueblo and the town of Pueblo West, Colorado.

The town was located near a riverbed which was tragically flooded by massive storms and overflow from the river as well as Fountain Creek just up the road. The flood, which happened on June 3, 1921, destroyed the town to such a degree that they opted not to rebuild.

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Instead, they flooded the area even further creating Pueblo Reservoir or Lake Pueblo which covered all of the ruins of the town of Swallows, effectively "swallowing" the town and giving it legendary status.

However, one part of Swallows, Colorado was affected by the flood less than the rest of the town and that was the cemetery, largely due to its location atop a large hill.

Colorado's Swallows Cemetery

Today, Swallows Cemetery is quiet. It is still located atop the hill in what is now Pueblo West and, despite the town's disappearance, is still used as a final resting place for nearby residents.

You'll find gravemarkers from before the big flood all the way up to graves reserved for those who have not yet passed away.

Take a look at Colorado's Swallows Cemetery and the location of what was once the town destroyed by a massive flood:

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It’s possible you’ve never heard of Swallows, Colorado as years ago it was swallowed by a flood. However, the town’s cemetery still remains.

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