The weather was so great on Easter Sunday, I decided to attend church in Delta. When I finished, it was time to walk around Confluence Park and the lake. There are a few walking trails to make it all the more fun. Right next to the park is Fort Uncompahgre. You can visit the fort a neat place to check out.

During the pandemic, parks were a great place to get outside. I found myself at Confluence Lake many times. They also have a great dog park too. There are benches to sit down at also. It's so relaxing being by the water. On the back side of the Lake is Gunnison's Edge, a disc golf course an excellent place to stop.

Did you know Delta has quite a few parks? I remember going to Cleland Park a few years back for a beer festival. There is Tamarac Park as well, another great place to walk around. I found a little playground also for kids on the corner of Columbia Street and 4th Avenue.

The next time you are visiting Delta don't miss these parks. I recommend Confluence Lake. A stroll around the lake will have you feeling relaxed in no time.

Take A Stroll Around Confluence Lake In Delta

Parks In Delta Colorado

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