Did you know that Colorado is home to Tarantulas? One would think that the large spider would not live in Colorado, but that is not true. Tarantulas live and migrate in the southeast portion of Colorado and in September, thousands of them will be crawling across the roads.


The Oklahoma Brown Tarantula can be found in over 443,000 acres of the Comanche National Grassland and around La Junta, Colorado. While the spiders do not technically migrate, this phenomenon is a mating ritual of the tarantula spider.

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The large, roaming spiders will all be males in search of a mate. The female tarantulas make a burrow and usually stick to them for life according to Visit La Junta.

Where can I see tarantulas in Colorado?

Visit La Junta says the best place to see tarantulas is going to be in the Comanche National Grassland, the Vogel Canyon, Siera Vista, Timpas Picnic Area, and Delhi. The best viewing times will be September through early November on warm days about an hour before the sun sets.


Will I see thousands of tarantulas?

Just because there will be thousands of male tarantula spiders wandering Southern Colorado looking for a mate does not mean there will be dozens upon dozens at every square foot of land. You may only see a couple, maybe a dozen or so at a given time according to Visit La Junta. For me, I would just be happy to see one in the wild, but that's just me.

If you would like to learn more about tarantula migration during mating season, take a look at Visit La Junta. They have plenty of information you could need to help you see this annual wildlife event.

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