The Montrose Lions Club Carnival is coming to town on Mother's Day weekend. It runs from Thursday, May 11th thru Sunday, May 14 at the Montrose County Fairgrounds. I spent some time with Jan C. the President of the Lion's Club last week. This is the 62nd annual.

Do you have a favorite Carnival Ride?

I love the zipper, though my stomach doesn't as I've gotten older.

What are your favorite food items?

The corn dogs, and spiral fries. Let's not forget the candy apples too, or funnel cakes.

What game do you like to play?

The water gun races, or remember the one, where you throw a dime or quarter and try and land in a dish?

The excitement when the carnival comes to town is what I love. Seeing the rides go up. Getting together with friends and family is always fun too. The kids just ride and ride until they are tired. The smiles on people's faces are awesome too. For ticket information go to the Montrose County Lion's Club Facebook page for all the details. Take mom out to the Carnival for Mother's Day weekend. Hope to see you there.

The Montrose Lions Club Carnival Is Coming To Town

What Is Your Favorite Carnival Ride

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