If there was any single person who was able to use the COVID-19 pandemic to become a star, it was Joe Maldonado, better known to most as Joe Exotic, the eccentric and currently incarcerated centerpiece of Netflix's smash-hit docuseries, Tiger King. The overwhelming popularity of that show during lockdown made Joe Exotic a 'name', practically overnight, even as he was being charged with some pretty heinous crimes.

Despite Joe's conviction for attempting to hire someone to kill his biggest rival, and his currently being incarcerated in North Carolina, he's making new headlines for himself in the Centennial State of Colorado by throwing his 'crown' into the race for President in 2024.

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Joe has told reporters that he has filed the necessary paperwork to be in the 2024 Democratic primary here in Colorado. Yes, you read that correctly: the weird little dude that tried to have Carole Baskin killed and is currently serving 21 years after being convicted for that very thing, wants to be the President of these United States next year. Let that sink in, for a moment.

In the statement Mr. Moldonado put out on his campaign page, he asks that we, the people, put aside his odd behavior, his issues with Ms. Baskin, and above all other things, he would very much like us to forget the fact that he's currently being held by the state of North Carolina.

This, of course, is not Joe Exotic's first foray into the world of politics. In fact, fans of Tiger King were already treated to an entire episode of that series that was dedicated to Joe's first, failed attempt to become President in 2016. Considering his status as a ward of the state of North Carolina, I don't imagine this race will fare much better for him than the last one. 'Ain't that America'?

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