Do you remember your favorite show from way back when? There were so many. I loved Beverly Hills 90210, The Sopranos, and even Family Ties. So you get the point.

What about ones set in Colorado?

There are many. I remember the Real World set in Denver in 2006. If you never watched the show it followed twenty-year-olds who live together in different cities. Denver has changed a lot since then with trendy condos, and high-office buildings. How about Mork and Mindy? Set in the 1970s in Boulder Colorado. Starring Pam Weber and the late Robin Williams. About an Alien sent to earth to learn about human life. He then soon meets Mindy.

Stargate SG-1 first started on Showtime in 1997 but moved in 2002 to the sci-fi channel. it was a military science fiction adventure. Based on the 1994 science fiction film. South park Staring Trey Parker and Matt Stone, set in the fictional town of South Park Colorado. Dr. Quinn's Medicine Woman set in 1867 outside of Colorado Springs, is about a wealthy East coast physician who learns to practice medicine in the American west.

Many of us have watched Dog the Bounty Hunter. Which aired on the A&E network, and took place in Colorado and Hawaii. Dog Chapman worked as a bounty hunter with his late wife Beth, and a few of his kids were a part of the show too. A  few episodes were shot in Montrose. I remember being a teenager and watching Dynasty. About a wealthy family named the Carrington's living in Denver Colorado. It won a Golden Globe for Best Drama in 1983.

Have you checked out the show on Netflix called Godless? Debuted in 2017 The western-type show is set from San Luis Valley to the eastern plains. One of the episodes was set in Creede Colorado. Last man standing starring Tim Allen was a fun T.V. series about a sporting goods store executive who lives with his family in Denver. Air 2011-2021.

I know there are more, hopefully, you have enjoyed several of these great television shows over the years.

T.V. Shows set in Colorado

Television Shows set in Colorado

20 Awesome Movies Filmed in Colorado

I had no idea how many tremendous movies that I watched growing up were filmed right here in Colorado. While I didn't grow up here, I am loving calling Colorado home, and knowing that so many great movies were filmed here just makes me love this state even more.


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