Nothing to see here. Just another typical day in Steamboat Springs, enjoying the weather, shooting some video on my phone of the beautiful scenery... and... wait, is that a bear climbing a house for an open second story window? Sure is!

Apparently the bear got into the house downstairs and raided the pantry, in addition to eating some pork chops left out to thaw for the homeowner's dinner that night. Then much like flipping the script on Goldilocks, he decided to head upstairs for the master bedroom.

The bed must have been too hard - or too soft - and he decided he'd had enough. So he decided to climb out the window on the second floor.

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Except he changed his mind because apparently it would have been too far to drop out of the window down onto the ground, and eventually climbed back up the side of the house and back into the window he came out.

At this point, a neighbor saw what was going on and called the police for help. Next thing he knew, the bear found himself locked in the master bedroom. So the officer on scene went into the house and opened the door so the bear could make his way back downstairs, which he did, and out the original window he got in through.

The homeowner returned to his house expecting the worst, but turns out, the bear was a pretty good houseguest and didn't do much damage, aside from eating the man's dinner and knocking over a few plants.

Check out the full story and video from FOX31 Denver below.

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