Strange laws in Colorado are not a new thing. In fact, we've covered some before. However, sometimes you find a strange law that is that is just so odd that you just have to tell people about it as soon as possible. This is one of those times, and in fact we have not one, but two laws on the books that'll make you wonder, "What on earth was happening to make them write that down?"

Luckily, these two laws we're featuring don't apply to the whole of Colorado. Unfortunately, Westminster, the home of these laws, also happens to be the eighth most populous city in Colorado, so while most of us will be spared the shame, quite a few still will. So, let's take a quick moment of acknowledgement before we laugh at our neighbors in Westminster. Not long, though.

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Strange Law 1: If you let someone park closer than 2 feet to you, you will be fined.

We start with the one that made me scratch my head the most, even though it technically isn't the stranger of the two laws I found. Still, this one really makes you think, because there are so many angles from which you can try to understand it.

Obviously, if we're talking about vehicles, this law doesn't really sound that strange. Just about every city in America has a law or two governing on-street parking, and sometimes those extend to how close you can park. That makes sense, although the word let implies the city wants to start some street fights amongst citizens policing their neighbors' parking.

If you want to get real weird with it, consider that the law does not, in fact, specify that the law refers to your vehicle when they say you. Does that mean that it's illegal to let a car park closer than two feet to you, as a human being? That raises even more questions.

Confused young man

Strange Law 2: It is Illegal to be lost between the hours of 9PM and 4AM.

Now, this is the law that I find the most strange. I mean, what could have possibly led to the chain of thoughts amongst, presumably, quite a few people, that resulted in the banning of being lost? I have to assume it had something to do with a drunkard, it has to have.

Regardless of the level of influence moonshine had in this law's creation, it's still on the books, and as I sit here in 2023, I have some follow-up questions:

First of all, how are we determining who is or is not lost? Is there some type scanner? Does this only apply when you're driving? Are officers combing the streets and malls, on the lookout for aimless wandering? Why only between 9PM and 4AM, specifically? Most importantly, does this apply when you're lost in thought?

You see, your mind can wander while trying to determine the intent behind vaguely written laws. I wonder if there's any particular reason we, as a society, don't ritualistically review old laws every now and then, to throw out some of the sillier ones?

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