This is not the first mountain town I've lived in. Lake Tahoe had its share of animals too. Mostly at your back door. The Coyotes were huge compared to the desert ones I'd seen for years. Bears could even be seen in town from time to time.

There was a story on the news last night about a bear taking selfies in Boulder Colorado, it caught my attention. The Black bear was taking selfies on a wildlife camera trap. I don't think of bears as friendly or cuddly up close. So I started thinking about the animals I would not want to take a selfie with.

Raccoons- They have vicious teeth, and should not be messed with. I had one near me when I took out the garbage once.

Mountain Lions- They move fast, and remind me of a real lion. I've watched to much National Geographic.

Bears- They are big and faster than you think. They can run up to 25-35 mph. I'll pass on that selfie.

Bison- They can be dangerous if provoked. They are in tune with nature and more balanced in their impact than cattle.

Wolves- They may look beautiful from afar, but best to keep your distance from them.

Prairie Dogs- Now they are small and cute, but one of my coworkers told me they carry diseases, and now I'm not happy about them.

I'm sure I missed a few. There is one small animal I see at the golf course from time to time the marmot. They have probably been in a picture or two. They are chunky and cute. Please be careful if you're hiking in the mountains, there is a lot of wildlife.

What animal would you not want to take a selfie with

Animals not to take a selfie with

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