There are so many reasons to be thankful this year, especially since it's the first big year since families will reunite since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Many are flying into Montrose, or flying back home. I've often wondered when I see people at the grocery store, or maybe just raking up their fall leaves, that there is always something to be thankful for.

Many of us are under so much stress than even 3 years ago when 2019 felt more normal. It's easy to take for granted the small things. I have been dealing with a plumbing issue for 6 weeks now. It turns out I need a drain pipe, and a few other things so I can use my washing machine again. Doing laundry from home is such a convenience. Since the pandemic it's tougher to line up a plumber, contractor, you name it. I'm thankful the plumber will be fixing my issue this Thanksgiving weekend.

So I asked the question what are you Thankful for? Here are a few responses:

Hiedi M- Family, Friends, and a roof over my head

Brittney B.- My Family

Steph N. Family, Friends, our military keeping us safe.

In these uncertain times with rising inflation, crime, even uncertain weather, hurricanes, you name it. I'm so thankful to live in beautiful Montrose Colorado. Last but not least, very thankful for my Husband who is a great cook, and my little Dog Deuce. (Who will be in the kitchen most of the day). Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

What are you Thankful for Montrose

Thankful comments



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