As June ends, all of us in Wyoming are hoping tornado season does too.

Wyoming averages 12 tornadic storms every year. This year, we've already had 27 confirmed tornadoes. Laramie Peak saw a couple tornadoes during Memorial Day Weekend, a tornado just traveled north of Casper and hit a coal mine near Wright, and a tornado touched down in Laramie this year.

On par with Wyoming's 2023 wild weather trend, it seems we've been under some sort of storm warning constantly since the year began.

Record breaking snow this winter, now record breaking tornadoes this summer. If you look at the chart above, every dot represents a tornado. The eastern side of Wyoming has been hit really hard.

With an tornado outbreak like we've had this year, storm chasers have been spending more time in the state. One of those storm chasers is Reed Timmer. Reed was posted a on his Instagram page of a tornado new Hawk Springs, WY that flipped a big rig. You can see the rotation in the clouds and the damage all around.

The same storm was captured and posted on StormChasingVideo's YouTube Channel by Nathan Moore.

Tornadoes are not to be messed with and you're encouraged to take shelter and follow the proper procedures if you're in an area with a tornado watch or warning.

According to WEATHER.GOV:

Acting quickly is key to staying safe and minimizing impacts.

If you're at home, go to your basement, safe room or interior room with no windows.

If you're outside or in your vehicle, get out of your vehicle and seek shelter immediately. Sheds, barns or storage facilities are not safe. Get to an indoor solid structure or low lying area like a ditch or ravine.

If you're at work or school, follow your practiced tornado drill. Stay away from windows and large open rooms, like gyms or cafeterias.

Tornadoes Spotted North of Casper

June 23rd, 2023

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