How often have you found yourself thumbing through a copy of Guinness World Records and thought to yourself, "I could do that"?

Well, for some Coloradans, that could become a reality soon as a group of people is organizing what they hope to be the completion of the world's longest hopscotch game very soon.

What Colorado Group wants to Break the World Hopscotch Record?

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The group organizing the effort is known as Generation Wild. Generation Wild is based in Colorado and dedicates its efforts to promoting outdoor activities for children across the state.

In case you're not familiar, Generation Wild puts together all kinds of programs for families to enjoy the outdoors and promotes being active. They also offer parenting advice, share ideas with families to promote an active lifestyle, and are really an all-encompassing organization in that vein.

In addition, you may recognize their mascot, Wilder, a half-man/half-goat creature much like Smokey Bear or Scruff McGruff.

However, Generation Wild's efforts could prove to be record-breaking soon.

Colorado Group will Attempt to Break World Hopscotch Record

Colorado's Generation Wild will attempt to break the record for completing the longest hopscotch in history.

The event will take place Sunday, September 18, at Chatfield State Park in Littleton, Colorado, a suburb of Denver south of the metro area.

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The hopscotch course will be 4.5 miles long, which if completed, will secure a new world record.

The event is free for the first 500 people to arrive, who will also receive special record-breaking memorabilia.

Check out Generation Wild's website for more information.

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