On Yellowstone, Walker has flirted with death several times, but a near-fatal fight between him and bunkhouse veteran Lloyd was most unexpected. Fans may recall the older cowboy turning and flinging a knife at the guy who just took his girlfriend.

It happened during Ep. 6 of Season 4, titled "I Want to Be Him." Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) is already smarting about Laramie (Hassie Harrison) choosing Walker (Ryan Bingham) over him, and then he sees the rest of the bunkhouse boys palling around with his new nemesis. So, he smashes Walker's guitar, and when challenged to fight, he throws a knife into his chest.

Spoiler alert: Walker doesn't die. He's already appeared in Season 5 and — talking to Taste of Country — Bingham indicated his character makes it through all filmed episodes. The medical team allows everyone to breathe a sigh of relief when they say the knife just missed Walker's heart. Then they turn to the problem of taking the knife out, but Laramie grows impatient and just rips it out of her boyfriend's chest.

Blood spills out of Walker, but during several takes prior to the one Yellowstone producers chose, it was much messier. Bingham recalls enjoying the special effects. He's relatively new to this world, and these kinds of scenes are his first. It was a learning experience, albeit a messy one.

"I remember they had a plastic hose that kind of ran up my back and under my shirt so when ... she pulls the knife out, the blood is supposed to squirt out," he shares during a just-released episode of the Dutton Rules Podcast.

"I remember the first couple of takes, they had the pressure turned way up on that line, so when she pulled that knife out, it was like a Tarantino movie. Blood was spraying all over the room and all over everybody," he adds with a laugh.

Season 5 of Yellowstone continues on Sunday (Nov. 20) on the Paramount Network. Through two episodes, fans have seen relatively little of Walker, but that figures to change soon.

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