When you think of notorious prisons around the United States, you may think of places like Alcatraz, Folsom Prison, or Riker's Island.

However, the prison that holds perhaps the most notorious criminals currently living in the United States is mere miles away in the plains between Canon City and Pueblo, and that prison is most commonly known as SuperMax.

SuperMax has the highest security measures of all prisons in America and holds some of the most notorious criminals incarcerated in the country.

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It is filled with terrorists, both domestic and foreign, murderers, gang leaders, mafia bosses, and whatever else you can imagine, and holds most of these criminals in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day.

It's the SuperMax Prison that notorious criminals, no matter where their crimes were committed, are eventually sent if the crime warrants extreme security for the perpetrator.

Here are twelve of the most notorious criminals currently serving time at Colorado's SuperMax Prison:

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