Colorado truly is a beautiful place. With scenery that other states would die for, it's understandable that Hollywood would want to take advantage, and there have been so many movies shot right here in the Centennial State that they definitely have. Ours is truly a backdrop of envy for those in the visual arts.

Movies aren't the only medium that likes to utilize gorgeous scenery. No, in the digital age, video games are the new hot thing. It's only natural that a medium based on creating beautiful worlds for people to play in would start looking to Colorado for their inspiration. With current advancements in technology that allow developers to render these worlds almost perfectly, more and more gaming companies are starting to recognize the value in the natural wonder of the place that we call home.

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With a little bit of internet sleuthing, we've managed to compile a fairly comprehensive list of some of the best video games that use Colorado as a setting. Some of these games listed are among the top-selling games in the world because everybody loves to talk about the king. We even managed to find a game from 2013 that's set right here in Montrose. That one's not exactly the best, but hey: the kids know where we are, now!

Check out the gallery below, and bask in the glory of living somewhere other people envy. If you can think of any games we might have missed, make sure you let us know on the App, or join the conversation on social media.

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