The beauty of nature really shines through across Colorado, and there's a vast variety of wildlife animals that call the state home.

If you're looking to learn everything you possibly can about Colorado's wildlife I highly recommend visiting Colorado's Parks and Wildlife website. You'll find an abundance of information on different species of wildlife from reptiles, amphibians, birds, insects, fish, mammals, and more!

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Co-Existing with Colorado Wildlife

Human development has pushed some wildlife into extinction or near-extinction. It's important to learn how to respect Colorado's wildlife so that we can all live peacefully. Most of these animals have a long history of living in the area, so remember not to interfere with wildlife by harassing the animals, capturing them, or feeding them.

Where to See Colorado Wildlife

Wildlife in Colorado can be found across the state, from your backyard all the way up to the mountains.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife's officers frequently try to alert citizens to wildlife activity in their area by posting signs to keep the public informed. Bear, Lion, and Coyote signs stay up for only a few days because their activity is typically only temporary in populated communities.

Proper Colorado Wildlife Viewing Etiquette

In order to keep yourself and the animals safe, here are a few tips to follow when viewing wildlife.

  • Keep a safe distance: Do not attempt to get in close range of a wild animal.
  • Absolutely DO NOT feed wildlife
  • Do not make sudden movements that may startle wildlife
  • It's best to leave your pets at home: protect your fur baby and wildlife by keeping these animals separated.
  • Avoid direct eye contact: again wildlife is wild and may see that as a threat.
  • Respect other viewers and private property

Colorado's Wildlife Mammals

If you want to safely view these animals without ever moving your location, then just keep on scrolling.

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