Is hiking to the top of a Colorado 14er on your bucket list? It's hard to look at a 14er mountain and not think about what the view from the top would look like. Do you know someone who has completed a hike to the top of one of these mountains?

Hiking with a group of friends to the top is best, especially the first few times. We asked you for advice you would give someone thinking of making an attempt at a 14er. Below you'll find Grand Junction's best advice for hiking above 14,000 feet.

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What are Colorado's Easiest 14ers to Hike?

The Top 5 easiest 14ers to hike in Colorado are generally considered to be Gray's Peak, Torrey's Peak, Quandry Peak, Mount Bierstadt, and Mount Elbert. Most hikers recommend 1 to 3 quarts of water for the trip and that you also have water waiting in your car when you make it back down. You'll still be thirsty.

Which Mountain is Colorado's Largest 14er?

Colorado's largest 14er mountains are Mount Elbert, Long's Peak, and Pikes Peak.

Which Colorado 14er Mountains are the Most Scenic?

If you are headed to the top looking for beautiful views you might consider the following mountains as long as you have the skill set to hike them safely. They are San Luis Peak, Long's Peak, Blanca Peak,

Which 14ers are the Most Dangerous?

While not the largest 14er mountain, many consider Capital Peak to be the most dangerous 14er to hike to the top, especially solo. This is due to a 100-foot section of the mountain named the knife's edge. A 1000-foot drop on either side can make this mountain very difficult to finish.

Grand Junction's Tips for Hiking Up a Colorado 14er Mountain

Hiking up a Colorado 14er is on many a Colorado bucket list during the summer months. What tips would you give someone about heading up to the top? If you have accomplished a climb up a 14er let us know which one you climbed and what advice would you give someone else to help them make it.

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