If you've ever cruised down Main Street in downtown Grand Junction, Colorado, you've probably noticed that it's filled with amazing works of art. Along both sides of the street, you'll find a variety of beautiful and unique sculptures and statues.

However, one statue has quite the backstory, which also may be one that you've never heard. Keep scrolling to learn about, and see with your own eyes, Grand Junction's sculpture of James Dalton Trumbo.

What is the Bathtub Guy Statue in Downtown Grand Junction Colorado?

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In case you're not familiar, in the heart of downtown Grand Junction sits a sculpture of a man, sitting in a bathtub wearing nothing but a pair of spectacles. The man has a mustache, and bushy eyebrows, and is deep in thought while appearing to be in the middle of writing his thoughts.

This statue depicts James Dalton Trumbo, a man from Grand Junction that became a famous (and infamous) author, screenwriter, and according to the plaque on his statue, "erudite firebrand."

Trumbo was born on December 9th, 1905, and gained a lot of enemies with his 1935 novel Eclipse, which described real stories from real Grand Junction residents that weren't exactly supposed to be made public.

Trumbo wrote numerous films as well and was even an Academy Award winner prior to his death in 1976. While he had many successes, he was also blacklisted in 1947 as part of the infamous Hollywood Ten.

The statue you see in downtown Grand Junction was placed there in 2007 with the help of numerous sponsors as well as the Dalton Trumbo Historical Recognition Committee, affectionately known as The Dalton Gang, all of which are listed on one of the attached plaques.

Take a closer look at this staple of downtown Grand Junction:

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