Most people agree that the price of food and beverages at stadiums has gotten a bit out of control these days, especially when you factor in how the average ticket prices have skyrocketed over the years. Gone are the days of grabbing some cheap tickets for friends and family and heading to a game for less than several hundred dollars, never mind what you're going to spend on food and drinks. It can make a pretty expensive day.

Especially this 2022 season, with the arrival of Russell Wilson and a whole ton of optimism - coaching mistakes notwithstanding - Broncos ticket prices are up about 30% over last season in the resale market.

But something you can count on at Empower Field at Mile High, at least for now - and let's all be thankful - are beer prices among the lowest in the NFL.

You read that right. The price of a standard 16 ounce beer at Broncos' games is the third lowest in the NFL. You'll be shocked to know that a few teams charge almost double that for a basic 16 ounce beer. In other words, you'll much, much rather be a Broncos fan than an Eagles, Chargers or Raiders fan - as if that wasn't already obvious - but because of the beer too.

According to, here's the average beer prices and where all the NFL teams rank for the 2022 season.

Which Team Has The Most Expensive Beer in the NFL?

Ranked most expensive to cheapest... here's what you're going to pay on average for a basic, 16 oz. beer in each NFL stadium.

The 2022-2023 Denver Bronco Football Schedule

The full football schedule for the Denver Broncos is here:

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