You've no doubt noticed that Artificial Intelligence has been a hot topic in the news this year, specifically the chat/writing program known as ChatGPT. When you look at the facts, how could it not be? Yet another A.I. program could put yet another set of workers in the poor house, as it replaces yet another previously human-driven industry. Yeah, no wonder people are concerned.

For my part, I think these things are kind of fun to hear about, though I do fully expect to be replaced by a robot at any moment, on any given day. Until that happens, since everyone else on the planet is talking about A.I., why don't we join the bandwagon?

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Axios Denver did what a lot of other news agencies across the country have been doing this month. They asked ChatGPT as many Colorado questions as they could think of to test its knowledge of the Centennial State. The responses that they received are nothing short of amazing, yet at the same time terrifying.

They asked it about Denver's nickname, "The Mile High City," and accurately described where that nickname came from (Denver's elevation, in case you didn't know.). Impressive, but a quick trip to Wikipedia would deliver the same results. What about something a little more in-depth?

Well, the thing can handle those kinds of questions, too. When asked to define a "Colorado Bro," ChatGPT described one who is associated with the state, outdoorsy, and possibly into country music and craft beer...

While that is objectively hilarious, as it describes quite a few people in Colorado that I wouldn't personally classify as a "bro." This is also one of those examples that makes you worry about your future career options. Yes, a computer program, mostly by itself, is capable of mimicking the way a human being can write. Good luck sleeping, tonight!

Does that mean we're well on our way to having A.I. write all of our favorite movies, too? Probably not in our lifetimes, what with Hollywood's unions and all, but it does make me wonder why we're so interested in taking all the fun, well-paying jobs off the market forever. Seems kind of stupid to me, but I should probably keep that to myself, lest I be whisked away by SKYNET for my transgression. Of course, it could also be the squid-like robots from The Matrix.

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