Vanity plates on your car can certainly make a statement. With up to seven characters, you can describe yourself as a person, your hobbies, your love for your pets, and countless other combinations to throw on your bumper.

However, in order to get a hold of one of these vanity plates, you must get approved by the state. After all, license plates are legal identifiers for your vehicle.

That being said, it should come as no surprise that many proposed vanity plates for Colorado vehicles were denied, many of which were turned down due to what the state deems as being offensive.

Offensive Colorado License Plates Banned in 2022

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If you keep scrolling, you'll see 25 of the more mild plates that were banned by the state of Colorado last year. According to a new report, close to 150 proposed license plates were denied in 2022 and some for really good reasons.

However, you'll find some relatively harmless banned plate ideas such as WEEN, HIUGLY, and even VOTE, for whatever reason.

Many of these plates are quite comical, and definitely walk the thin line between clever and offensive, but you definitely won't be seeing any of these plates showing up on the car in front of you on Colorado roads any time soon.

We should warn you, some of these plates can be considered quite offensive, and you'll have to let your imagination do the work for many of them, but here are 25 of the license plates banned for being overly offensive in Colorado in 2022:

Colorado Banned These 'Offensive' License Plates in 2022

Check out some of the 'offensive' license plates that Colorado banned in 2022.

Funny + Obscene Banned Colorado License Plates Will Make You Giggle

Road rage is bad enough. Imagine if you had to pull up behind a car with a license plate insulting you. Luckily, the state of Colorado has banned some of these license plates to make the roads a happier place.

Rejected License Plates in Colorado From 2021

Here are just a few of the more than 23,000 rejected personalized license plates in Colorado from 2021.


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