With April Fool's Day in the very-near future, quite a few of us have chuckles on the brain. Along with Halloween, April Fool's is one of the few "holidays" in this country that celebrates the absurd, and encourages a bit of lighthearted Tomfoolery. Even if you don't like pranks, the first of April is a great day to let off some steam through jokes and laughter, so that you can start the spring with a little less stress on your shoulders.

I don't know about you, but that's the precise kind of thing I need while we collectively unthaw from the cold months. It also doesn't hurt that my birthday is in April, so every year it feels like I get a bonus party to kick off a month of celebrating me. Yes, my birthday is the entire month of April, and no, there's no way you can prove it isn't. Why do you ask?

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Just in time for April Fool's Day, Gambling.com decided to find out who loves jokes the most in the United States. Utilizing the magic of an internet research team, they were able to determine that Colorado is home to the 5th biggest jokers in the nation. The biggest jokers seem to be in Nevada, with New York, California, and Illinois making up the rest of the top five, respectively. Considering most comedies are set in LA, Chicago and NYC, this tracks.

The team was able to put this list together by looking at four primary data points: Google search volumes, the number of comedy clubs in each state, how many comedians are looking for work in each state, and the number of comedy-centric meet up groups. For example: Colorado got a "Final Joker Score" of 73.9 based on the scores we received for how often we searched for comedy on Google (56.1); how many comedy clubs we have in the state (91.6); how many acts are working in Colorado (58.3); and comedy meet up groups (89.5).

If you're like me, you might have noticed that our score for comedy social groups was much higher than the score we got for comedians-for-hire. This implies to me that there are more interest groups for comedy in Colorado than there are comedians that are actually working, and if that's not funny, then I don't know what comedy is anymore.

Source: Gambling.com

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