A change of scenery is often one of the biggest reasons that people move and in Colorado, we have no shortage of amazing views.

Lawnlove recently compiled a list of the 200 biggest cities in America with the best residential views and it comes as no surprise that several cities in Colorado were listed.

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Colorado Mountains Remain Breathtaking

There are some people who tire of looking at the Colorado mountains while others live in awe for an eternity. Coming from a state of nothing but flatlands and some hills, I still appreciate the beauty of the ginormous landmarks.

The Western Slope Versus the Front Range

Since the list only considered the largest cities in America, towns on the Western slope were notably missing. If you've visited the grand valley then you are aware of the stunning views offered from the monument to the bookcliffs.

Of course, there are several small towns with remarkable views all across the state and despite their lack of national recognition, they are still must-see locations.

The West is the Best

The majority of places listed on Lawnloves' ranking were located on the west side of the country.

The company based its findings on 5 key metrics:

  • Water Views,
  • Mountain Views,
  • City Views,
  • Park Views,
  • and Air Quality

Keep in mind however that Colorado real estate that comes with a view can typically also come with a pretty hefty price tag.

If you're looking to switch things up and move to a large Colorado city with amazing views then simply keep scrolling.

The 6 Biggest Colorado Cities with the Best Views

These are 2022's largest cities in Colorado that boast fantastic residential views as ranked by Lawnlove:

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