The temperatures are getting warmer. The snow is melting. The weather is starting to cooperate. The moment has finally arrived: it's time to start thinking about firing up the grill and getting outside for a good old-fashioned summer cookout.

One of America's favorite pastimes, cooking out on the grill is one of the best ways to celebrate the summer. In neighborhoods across the country, you don't even know when the season changes until the smell of burgers starts flowing through the streets. Unless, of course, you don't eat meat, in which case you're probably a little less enthused.

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With the cookout season upon us, you should start getting your menu together for those summer gatherings that we're allowed to have again. But what should you serve? Well, according to a new study from Bet Colorado, if you're serving up food from the grill in the Centennial State, it had better be ribs.

Yes, Colorado loves ribs more than any other meal you'd traditionally associate with a cookout. This was determined by analyzing search trends throughout the country, looking for what cookout foods people were searching for. Colorado was one of 19 states that were looking for ribs more than anything else, so it seems like much of the country is in agreement on this one. All things considered, I think that deserves special attention.

The top five terms that were searched when looking for cookout foods were the aforementioned 'ribs', along with 'wings', 'hamburgers', 'hot dogs', and 'grilled chicken'. Personally, I feel like the word 'grilled' need not be included in a search for chicken you intend to, you know grill, but that's really just semantics.

Again, this is all assuming that you would even be inclined to want to eat meat, outdoors or indoors. I'm not too familiar with anything a vegan, for instance, would want to grill. If you happen to have any vegan or vegetarian ideas for great cookout foods, let us know with AppChat.

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