Western Colorado high schools are enjoying the summer break, but students will soon be back on campus to start another year. Mesa County is home to six schools classified as "high schools" by School District 51.

Which one of these schools has the most number of students? Did you graduate from a high school in Mesa County, Delta County, or Montrose County? Open our station app and hit the chat button to show your alma mater some love.

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Mesa County, Colorado District 51 Schools

The six high schools in Mesa County School District 51 include R-5 High School in Grand Junction, Palisade High School, Grand Junction High School, Fruita-Monument High School, Fruita 8-9 School, and Central High School. Keep going to see these schools ranked smallest to largest by Niche.com. 

Which Western Colorado High School is the Oldest?

One of the oldest high schools on the Western Slope was established in Montrose in 1889. A two-story high school opened to students with the first graduate earning a diploma in 1891.

In District 51, Grand Junction High School dates back to 1911. Driving by today you'll see the new high school is nearly complete near 5th Street. The first Fruita-Monument high school was completed in 1905 under the name Fruita Union High School.

Colorado's Cool School Mascots

Western Colorado is home to the Tigers, Warriors, Bulldogs, Wildcats, Red Hawks, Panthers, and more. In fact, the entire state is a great place to be in you are a fan of unique mascots. Some of our favorites are also found in the photo gallery below.

Keep going to find out which Western Colorado school is home to the largest number of students.

Top 6: Which Western Colorado High School Has the Most Students?

The number of students enrolled in Western Colorado schools is rising, but which schools currently host the most students? Scroll through Colorado's District 51 schools below and compare them to our neighbors in Delta and Montrose. Keep going to find out which school is on top.

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