When you're cruising around and checking out your fellow motorists' custom license plates have you ever wondered to yourself who came up with that design? Well, if your child happens to be the artistic type, they could easily be the artist behind the next great Colorado license plate.

Your Kid Could Design the Next Colorado License Plate

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The Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles is currently holding a contest for kids and one talented child will not only be the artist behind a new Colorado license plate, but they'll also receive a cash prize in the form of a $1000 grant.

The DMV is calling the contest The Historic Colorado License Plate Contest and, as the title suggests, the license plates will be based on a part of Colorado history to celebrate the state's 150th anniversary.

However, the children that create these plates have a lot of creative control, but will still need to follow the rules and guidelines set by the DMV.

How Do I Enter My Child in the Historic Colorado License Plate Contest?

Entries are currently open and the DMV will be accepting submissions from now until November 30th, 2022. There are two categories in which you can enter which are for age groups of children 13 and older, as well as under the age of 13.

Submissions will be voted upon and a winner will be announced sometime in early 2023, with the winning license plate becoming available for Colorado motorists to purchase and display the following August.

Check out all of the rules and enter your child into the contest at the Colorado DMV's website.

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