Healthy food is hot in 2023. So hot, in fact, that the idea of budget health food is starting to become popular enough to actually become a thing. More and more Americans are taking their overall well-being into consideration when making their dietary decisions. Not me, mind you, but there are a lot of them out there.

Seeing as how Colorado loves to get out and get stuff done, the idea that eating healthy would be popular in the Centennial State is kind of a no-brainer, not unlike our state's favorite movie. According to a new study, Coloradans are actually more interested in healthy eating than most people in most other states, giving us another top-ten performance in national statistics.

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The good folks at Total Shape studied the search volumes of 45 keywords that related to healthy eating and nutrition. They looked at all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia, adjusting the volume per 100,000 residents for each state. Using this formula, they determined that Colorado searched for health and nutrition about 816 times, landing us at number seven on the list.

Taking home the championship on this one was DC with 1,337 searches, ahead of Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and Texas. If I wanted to be petty, this would be where I point out that DC is not, in fact, a state, and thus should not be included in this particular listing. Apparently, I feel petty.

By the way, in case you managed to miss it up there, Florida ended up ranking third on the list, of all places. You read that correctly: the home state of every crazy story you've ever heard looks for healthy food more often than California, the place where kale was invented. It doesn't make sense until you remember that pro-wrestlers have basically colonized south Florida (thanks, Hulkster), and the idea of numerous searches for Sunshine State 'supplements' seems more plausible.

Source: These States Are Most Interested in Healthy Eating

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