I am not a fan of meth, and I don't care who knows it. One of the many hard drugs that currently infect our country like a disease, methamphetamine is probably what you hear about the most, right behind opioids. A dubious honor, to be sure, though fentanyl may take its place in the near future.

For those of us who aren't learned in the ins-and-outs of street drugs, meth is likely what you remember from Breaking Bad, that show you were told to watch that you never got around to. Sadly, this drug is not the work of a Hollywood screenwriter, and its consequences are all too real.

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It's Fun to Laugh

That being said, I love to laugh at the sillier, yet sometimes-just-as-dangerous consequences of drug folly provided no one gets severely hurt. For example, I stayed in a motel for my first week in western New York, and literally, the day after I moved into my apartment the motel had been raided by local authorities, where they discovered a meth lab. About a month later, the meth lab in a house about two blocks from my new apartment blew up, too. New York is fun!

Reading in Colorado Comes With a Bonus

Imagine my surprise, considering the joy I get in laughing at horrible things, to find that not one, but two Colorado libraries this month were closed due to methamphetamine contamination. To be fair, the contamination seems to come from use as opposed to manufacturing, but considering the things I've seen in my life on the road, I can't help but ask, "when did Colorado start cooking Meth in the library?" That's not what that's for.

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