I’ve always been a fan of Girl Scout cookies and have actually asked on-air for Girl Scouts to stop by our studios so I could buy some. Sometimes that worked, and other times it didn’t.

I wasn’t a Girl Scout growing up, but rather a Camp Fire Girl, which, in some ways was very similar. One difference was that we didn’t sell cookies.

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In 1917, a troop in Muskogee, Oklahoma, not far from my hometown, baked cookies and sold them at the high school for a service project. Soon after, other troops began baking those delicious cookies to raise funds to finance their activities. The rest, as they say, is history.

What is the favorite Girl Scout flavor in this area? I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. It all depends on who you ask. Most people I know are huge fans of the Thin Mints cookies. Many of them like to freeze those chocolate and mint cookies and eat them ice cold. I hate to admit it, but while I like Thin Mints, they are not my favorite. I like the Do-Si-Dos the best. Oatmeal sandwich cookies with peanut butter in the middle. Of course, I must keep them at work, as one of our kids is allergic to peanut butter. The problem with keeping them at work is that I could eat the entire box in a matter of minutes.

According to Wide Open Eats, the favorite flavor in Colorado is Caramel devices, also known as Samoas. I must admit, these are my second favorite – caramel, coconut, and chocolate stripes – what’s not to like?

This may lead you to ask why some cookies have two different names. According to the Girl Scouts website, there are two licensed bakers. One cookie may be called Caramel deLites by one baker, and Samoas by the other. The cookies look and taste similar, but they have different names. However, both bakers use the same name for some of the cookies. Thin Mints are one of those exceptions.

It doesn’t matter to me if they have different names. I just know that I’m now on the lookout for those cookies.

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Colorado Girl Scout Cookies Ranked Worst to First

Just for fun I decided to do a Girl Scout cookie taste test - and ranked the cookies from worst to first. Keep in mind, when I say "worst" that in no way means they are bad. Not even slightly. Here is my assessment of the cookies with the rankings to follow of Grand Junction's Girl Scout Cookies - worst to first. My taste test doesn't include the new Raspberry Rally, and the prices listed below are based on 2022 prices.

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