Nobody likes it when their mail goes missing. There's nothing worse than waiting by the mailbox with bated breath, anxiously anticipating a piece of postage that never arrives. It's one of those heartbreaking experiences that we can all relate to, no matter who you are or where you live.

The only thing that’s worse than mail that's missing is mail that has been stolen. Unfortunately, that's exactly what seems to have been happening across Northern Colorado, recently. However, it appears that NoCo's postal woes may be at an end, as officers from the Ault Police Department seem to have found it.

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Officers were responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle, wherein they discovered a man sleeping. As the police were determining that the vehicle was actually stolen, the suspect allegedly attempted to flee upon waking and noticing the officers. Police say that he struck a patrol car while he did, and also just missed hitting an officer. Yikes!

Once Ault police were able to stop the suspect, they conducted a search of the vehicle. In addition to other seemingly stolen items, police discovered what was described as a "large amount of mail" from across Weld County. APD is currently attempting to identify and notify the affected victims.

Naturally, the suspect was arrested. He currently faces multiple charges from this debacle, including assault and possession of a weapon by a previous offender. I'm sorry; I forgot to mention that police also found a weapon in the vehicle. In all honesty, though, police always find a weapon in these kinds of situations, so it was easy to forget. Nevertheless, it doesn't sound like this guy is going to be intercepting any more love letters anytime soon.

Ault Police are looking for assistance in locating victims of this mail-theft. If you live in the area, and you have any information, you can help. Police ask that you call the Weld County Regional Communications Center if you have seen the suspect or his vehicle in your area within the last three weeks. Call 970-356-1212 and ask for Ault Detective Sergeant Shippy.

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