November is here and so is colder weather in Colorado. Just how cold? Both the Farmer's Almanac and the Old Farmer's Almanac have predicted a cold winter ahead, but what do the record low temps say about November on the western slope?

Below we look at 25 of the coldest temps ever recorded in western Colorado during the month of November, as well as some unbelievable lows from the south and eastern portions of the state that are just too cold to ignore.

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Colorado's Coldest Low Temps in November

Scrolling down Colorado's list of record-low temperatures recorded in November is a good reminder that winter isn't just for December and January. Plenty of record lows have been recorded in November that all seem way too cold for comfort.

Colorado's coldest record low temp recorded so far during November is a low temp of -40 degrees. This record low was recorded in the city of Creede, Colorado, on November 25th, 1931.

The Frosty November of 2006

November 30th, 2006. Seeing the date still makes some of us shiver. This was a night when several cities all over Colorado set a new record low temperature for the month of November. Collbran. Cimarron, Ridgway, Grand Junction, Fruita, Olathe, and Hotchkiss all set new record lows that same evening.

Colorado's November Top 10

Scroll on to see some record-setting cold in November along with the Top 10 Coldest lows for the month in the photo gallery below. What has been the coldest night that you can remember in Western Colorado? Tell us about it with the chat button on our station app. 

See 25 of Colorado's Coldest Record Lows Recorded in November

Winter is coming, and November is here to remind us all of how cold it actually gets in Colorado during the late fall months. We're checking out the record-low temps recorded in cities throughout Western Colorado during the month of November. Some of these records were set recently, and some have stood for nearly 100 years.

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