We know that living in Colorado provides us with amazing things to do to keep us healthy, and Everyone I know seems to have a New Year's resolution that revolves around better health.

Great idea, but most of us just make it worse by expecting too much. especially if your nickname is "Tater" cuz you never leave the couch.

But if you are looking to improve on trying to do better when it comes to exercise. I would recommend trying to stay clear of these changes becoming extreme. For example;

Ramping up your exercise goals too quickly.

If you've been in a potato state over the last year. Saying you're going hiking every weekend might be a bit much to start. Basically, what I'm saying is, don't join a bunch of folks who do this often. Avoid the 14ers and take a modest approach to gradually accelerating your workouts. take a minimum of 90 days to ramp up to climb the bigger hills.

Avoid Extreme Weight Loss Goals

Experts say, "Two pounds a month is a realistic goal. So, if you want to lose 80lbs. Give yourself a more obtainable goal of 30 lbs to start. Hitting your mark will only drive you to do more. Lofty goals tend to frustrate us and give us a reason to quit.

Going Extreme on your Food Plan

Ditching your current plan for something else is a great idea, but doing it cold turkey is not the healthy way to go. If you decide, for example, to go completely Vegan? Start out slowing by taking away and changing one item per month. The same goes for a no-carb diet. Slow and steady wins the race.

Body Cleansing

Pushing past your point of hunger is not an answer, especially when it comes to a long-term plan. Make sure to do your homework when it comes to these types of diets. Lightheadedness and low energy could make matters worse.

Your ultimate goal is to get out and see what Colorado has to offer. Take your time, be patient and be kind to yourself along the way.


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New Year's Resolutions in Colorado

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