Coloradans like to drive fast. With all the wide open space out here, it isn't difficult to understand why. I mean, doesn't everyone have the urge to drive their car as fast as they can, from one end to the other, when they happen to be in an empty parking lot? Just expand that to a ridiculous degree, and you've got the concept of driving in Colorado.

I hear you ask, "But, how much do we love racing down the highway at top speed, exactly? How does that love compare to the rest of the country? Why do you have so many questions when you're writing this article?"

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Those are all valid questions, except that last one which I will never answer, so let's take a look at some numbers and see what kind of speed demons we really are in the Centennial State. The easiest way to judge? Speed limits.

Colorado has a maximum state speed limit of 75 miles per hour, reserved for rural freeways and interstate highways. As a matter of fact, Colorado happens to be in the top 5 in the nation for the highest speed limit, though we do share the honor with a few other states. To be honest, 70-75 seems to be where most have settled, as far as top speeds.

There are actually only 4 states that have a higher speed limit than we do here in Colorado. Those states are Idaho, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming; otherwise known in these types of instances as "the usual suspects." Texas reigns supreme, with a max speed limit of 85 miles per hour, proving once again that everything really is bigger in Texas. has the maximum speed limit for every state in the country. If you're interested, check the link.

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