This story begins back in early spring. We heard the Denver Broncos had just traded for Super Bowl Winning QB Russel Wilson. Your kids go crazy with excitement and want his new Broncos jersey, which was a best-seller for the NFL back in early spring.

The first thing you do is get onto NFL Shop dot com and search out Russell's jersey. Your Kid will be so excited to get this for Christmas.


Denver Broncos Introduce Quarterback Russell Wilson
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Denver Broncos Introduce Quarterback Russell Wilson

Fast forward to December 1st. The Broncos are out of the playoffs and Russell has been quite the underperformer this season. The once HOT OF THE PRESS jersey is now junk.

Your kid now has no interest in Russell and now wants a Stanley Cup Champion jersey from the Avalanche. That whole idea of getting ahead of Christmas turned out to be an expensive move.


Colorado Avalanche v New Jersey Devils
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Colorado Avalanche

Here are some other Colorado Themed gifts that could turn out to be worse than a Russell Wilson jersey.

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Good - Friend gives you FREE WEED to smoke, cuz you're a cool neighbor.

People Celebrate Thailand's Marijuana Legalisation
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legal Marijuana

Bad - Your Friend gives you a FREE garden tool to Rake up your leaves & weeds because you're violating the HMO.

Rehoboth Beach Over Thanksgiving Weekend
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Raking the yard :(

Good - Receive a Free Ski pass for you and your family from Mom.

ITA: Final 4x10km Relay Final - Mens Cross Country Skiing
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Family Skiing weekend

Bad - Receive an Expired RTD Light Rail Day pass from your dad.

Sydney On Alert As New COVID-19 Cases Continue To Be Diagnosed In NSW
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Light Rail

Good - 2 Night stay on the slopes in Aspen.

Aspen colorado overlook
Jonathan Ross
Looking at Aspen Colorado during the winter season

Bad - Two-night stay on the streets of Downtown Denver.

Alaska Prepares To Vote In Midterm Election
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On The Streets Alone

Good - Two tickets to see your favorite band in Concert at Red Rocks.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater
Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater in Denver, Coloradon in winter

Bad - A Friend giving you a Rock for a stocking stuffer. Thank you, Charlie Brown.


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