The first day of winter in 2022 will arrive on December 21st. Colorado is expected to head into a cold and snowy season according to weather reference guides such as the Farmer's Almanac.

While other states may dread the cold and the snow, Colorado can't wait to enjoy the ski resorts, sleigh rides, snow tubing, and the many other activities that winter weather brings to the Rockies.

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Colorado's Love for Winter

Colorado is where people love to be outdoors no matter what season it is. Even with the cold temperatures, our state is transformed by the snow and ice which enhances how beautiful the mountains look all the way through to springtime. Spring returns on March 20th, 2023.

How Cold are Winters in Colorado?

Sun-filled skies and snow-covered slopes are common throughout the winter in Colorado. While the western slope is typically a bit warmer than the Front Range, some of the coldest temps each season come from the Colorado plains. Extreme winter temps are also recorded in higher elevations. December and January are the coldest months of the season.

What is Your Favorite Part of Winter in Western Colorado?

Maybe you just love putting on your skis and hitting the slopes on Powderhorn Mountain. Maybe you like to climb the frozen icy waterfalls in Ouray. Winter offers tons of fun activities and several reasons for it to be your favorite season. We asked you to tell us your favorite thing about winter in Colorado. Scroll on to see the top answers.

25 Things Grand Junction Colorado Loves About Winter

Living in Colorado usually comes with a love for the great outdoors. If you love summer in Colorado you'll probably also find that you love it here in the winter too. The state is just as beautiful yet offers a ton of new activities each time the seasons change. Scroll on to find out 25 things Grand Junction loves about winter.

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