If you were driving on the Grand Mesa or up in Glade Park over the weekend you probably encountered a little snow. By late October, conditions in the Grand Valley allow for some early winter precipitation and some years bring more than others.

This is why now is the time to start thinking about packing a few things in the car that may really help you out if you run into an issue traveling this winter. Below, we will show you 14 items that can be a lifesaver to keep in your car during the winter months.

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When is the First Day of Winter in 2022?

The first day of winter will arrive on December 21st. We all know we are likely to see plenty of winter driving conditions prior to this date. If your corner of Colorado has already seen the first snowfall it's time to get your kit in place.

Know Before You Go This Winter in Colorado

Knowing the travel conditions before you head out this winter can really save you the trouble of heading out into a storm. The Colorado Department of Transportation website provides road conditions, traffic cameras, alerts, and notes about restrictions throughout Colorado. Call 511 from your cell phone for statewide conditions. CDOT's safety patrol program offers assistance during morning and afternoon commutes throughout Colorado.

9 Essentials and 5 Items that are Good to Have

We have 9 essential items and 5 more that are good to have in a pinch. The 14 items are in the photo gallery below. What else would you recommend we add to the essential Colorado winter driving kit? Tell us with the chat button on our station app.

14 Items To Keep In Your Car Before Winter Arrives in Western Colorado

Winter is right around the corner in western Colorado and now is the time to start thinking about your car's winter checklist. We have 14 items you'll be so glad you put in the truck of your car before winter arrived. 9 of these items are considered essential and the other 5 are things you'll be really glad you have with you this winter.

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