I like Colorado, but just like everywhere else in this world, there are some pretty awful places around here. For every nice town you visit, there's another town waiting in the shadows, seemingly hoping to turn you off the Centennial State for good. Take one trip to one of these types of places, and you may even want to vacate the planet. They're that bad.

These are the types of towns that you wouldn't even want to drive through, quickly; the sort of town that steals money from other towns. You would disown your daughter if she brought any of these Colorado towns home from college. Heck, you might even file a complaint with the government, provided you care enough about this topic to wait for several hours in a government building.

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Now, this list is in no way based on any kind of math or statistics. Yep: we're talking about an anecdotal list of places you don't want to go in Colorado. Short version: be on the lookout for lots of unpopular opinions based on very little information. In fact, you might say that this exercise was designed to show you how little sense it actually makes to jump to conclusions without knowing the full story. Who says you can't learn anything on the internet?

Me; I say that. Quite frequently, in fact. It might even end up being my son's first sentence, and thus the first topic he covers with his therapist in twenty years. Nevertheless, with no actual facts to back me up and mostly at random, I now present to you my list of the worst places to live in Colorado. If I missed your town, it was by accident. If I didn't, well don't @ me, bro.

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