There's nothing like enjoying some of the great scenic views found throughout the state of Colorado. However, it can be a bit of a letdown to set up a picnic at an overlook only to enjoy a bologna sandwich and a bottle of water.

Instead, enjoy the summer temps and mountain views by visiting the following outdoor bars and restaurants while there is still time to enjoy being outside.

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Get Out and Enjoy the Final Weeks of Summer

One of the best parts of living on the Western Slope is that it takes just a little longer for the cold temps to get here. This leaves us with a few weeks of summer temps AND the fall color change before we really need to start bracing for colder temps. Scroll through the destinations below to find outdoor bars and restaurants throughout the state who are ready to set and serve you outside.

Colorado's Best Outdoor Bars and Restaurants

Is there a better patio view in Grand Junction than the one at the Devil's Kitchen on Kennedy? Have you ever dined on Navajo tacos high above Mesa Verde? Or enjoyed a craft beer from an Ouray brewery while you take in the San Juans? Read on to find out more about these outdoor destinations.

Check Out 12 Great Outdoor Bars and Restaurants in Colorado

Take a closer look at the following outdoor bars and restaurants below. We'll stop by the Devil's Kitchen in Grand Junction, the Uptown on Main in Frisco, the Treeline Kitchen in Leadville, the Far View Terrace Café – Mesa Verde National Park, The Café in Trinidad, The Fitz in Vail, the Boathouse Cantina in Salida, Ouray Brewery, and several other stops you should see before summer is over.

Colorado's Top Outdoor Bars to Visit Immediately Before Summer Ends

Enjoy these Colorado hotspots featuring great outdoor bars, patios, and restaurants. Take a closer look at each establishment and find out more about what they have to offer before summer is over.

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