It was 1995 in Montrose. A 300-acre piece of the desert property sat dormant, waiting for an owner to show up and give it the love it deserved. That family was the Riessens. Gary spread the seeds that would become the western slope's most prominent tree farm in our great state.
Hop on the wagon and ride thru 100-plus acres of woods to find the perfect Evergreen. Their wagon provides the transport and luxury of getting your recently chopped tree back to your car or truck, which makes it convenient.
Also, the ranch celebrates the holiday season with homemade wreath decorating, roasting marshmallows, and sipping on cocoa. Enjoy their seasonal gift shop as well.

Looking up at christmas wreaths

While Covered Bridge Ranch’s business is selling evergreens and aspens to nurseries, the farm grows many different species that the public can choose from, including spruce, pine, and fir.
The Riessens restrict sales to trees 6 feet and taller. The cost of a 7-foot tree will run you approx. $110 to $115.
If you're a fan of the smaller “Charlie Brown trees”, they are offered at a discount. No permits are needed and there’s no entry fee required to join the festivities. Just a reminder, permits ARE required if searching for your tree inside the national forests.

Winter background

Winter background

Forest of Trees


All I can say is this... If you have never experienced cutting down your own Christmas tree, may I highly recommend Covered Bridge Ranch. You can see Gary and his wife, Judy, their daughter Natalie, along with Lucy, and the family dog.

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