An illegal marijuana cultivation operation in Delta County is out of business.

Several law enforcement agencies including were involved in executing search warrants on two properties in rural Delta county near Crawford. The Delta County Sheriff's Office, Colorado State Patrol, and multiple drug enforcement agencies were involved in the operation.

Illegal Marijuana Grows Discovered

According to the Delta County Sheriff's Office, two large illegal marijuana cultivations were discovered at 34085 and 34091 B25 Road, and four suspects were detained without incident. More than 680 mature marijuana plants were seized along with 16 pounds of processed marijuana, and about an ounce of mushrooms.

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Delta County Cracks Down

Under current state law, it is lawful for individuals to grow up to 12 marijuana plants on residential property for personal use. Delta County Sheriff Mark Taylor issued the following statement:

 "The cultivation of 680 mature marijuana plants is clearly unlawful under state law and the harvested marijuana from these plants is clearly meant for distribution. The Delta County Sheriff’s Office will continue to investigate individuals that cultivate these types of large marijuana grows in our county. They are a strain on our natural resources as 600+ mature marijuana plants require an exorbitant amount of water which Fruitland Mesa does not have.”

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation Marijuana Enforcement Division will refer the case to the district attorney's office for prosecution.

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