America loves cheerleaders. If you don't believe me, just do a quick search for the 'Netflix cheerleading show' online, and you'll see what I mean.

Cheerleaders can be the best tool in a sports team's belt to get the crowd behind them, especially if the game they're playing isn't doing the job. Cheerleaders are underappreciated athletes, because it takes a lot of grit, determination, and toughness to be elite among them; just like the sports they're cheering for.

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I have nothing but respect for cheerleaders as athletes, so I'm always happy to see them get some recognition for all that talent and effort. I'm also happy whenever my state of Colorado gets positive press. In a rare case of those two worlds combining, a new report has found that the cheerleaders for our very own Denver Broncos are quite beloved across the nation.

According to a new study from, the Denver cheerleaders are the fifth most-followed cheerleading squad in the nation. This study encompasses cheerleaders from both the NFL and the NBA, looking at the squads' followings on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as of May 2023. The Broncos crew came in just behind the cheerleaders from the Miami Dolphins, who took 4th place. The Houston Texans and New England Patriots cheerleaders took the 3 and 2 spots, respectively.

In a turn of events that should shock absolutely nobody who lived through the 1990's, the cheerleaders from the Dallas Cowboys organization took the number one spot, as the most-beloved of all cheerleaders in the country. Considering I grew up in suburban Ohio, and the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders were still the talk of the town, I think it's safe to say there may never be a squad that's ever more popular. Then again, we are top-five, so maybe there's a chance?

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