Colorado is truly an outdoor playground. Our great state is known for world-class skiing, rafting, hiking, and rock climbing, to name a few.

However, one very unique type of rock climbing is much less well-known than others but offers just as much of an adrenaline rush and magnificent views of mother nature as traditional climbing.

Keep scrolling to learn about climbing desert ice in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Desert Ice Climbing in Grand Junction Colorado

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A pair of outdoor adventurists recently visited Colorado National Monument just outside of Grand Junction to climb what is known as desert ice.

This type of climbing is only possible under certain conditions and it typically takes years for this type of ice to form.

The climbers came equipped with specific gear for safety as well as actually being able to climb the ice which included large hooks and specially-made boots.

Their adventure took place at the Colorado National Monument's Ute Canyon where they found sheets of ice that cascaded up the canyon for roughly 700 feet, resembling a kind of frozen waterfall.

After a seemingly tedious but adrenaline-filled climb up the ice, the climbers made it not only to the top of the canyon but were able to once again bask in the sunshine after being in the shade the entire time.

The view of the Monument, as well as the city of Grand Junction below, was nothing short of absolutely stunning.

After they reached the top of the canyon, the climbers took a much easier route down via a regular hiking trail.

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