After being out for what seems like hours picking out Christmas gifts for family and friends, all I can think about is that I need boxes and tape for shipping. First, I need to wrap them all. Since time is always running out, gift bags are a great alternative. I remember wrapping gifts and putting on beautiful bows, and ribbons way back when. Now it just screams stress.

So do you wrap all your gifts, or put them in a gift bag? Locally, Murdoch's will wrap your gifts, and proceeds help the local high school. That's an idea I'm on board with. A plus to gift bags is you can usually reuse them. My mother-in-law makes every gift she gives look like it stepped out of a Macy's catalog. I may need to sit with her and take a lesson.

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On to what to get those hard-to-shop-for people on your list. Gift cards are always a great option. But what about handmade cards or gifts, they are the best. Not to mention a keepsake for sure. A box of candy or wine for guests is another great gesture for holiday parties. I'm guilty of sending holiday gift baskets, they are full of treats and things to warm you up during winter. I finally have my shopping done, gifts are wrapped, and boxes are sealed. Time to get to the post office for mailing.

Christmas Shopping, Wrapping, and Giftbags

Do you wrap your presents, or put them in a giftbag?

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