Two million people are going to Moab every year, but most of them are not taking the scenic route to get there.

Scenic Way to Moab: Quicker Isn't Always Better

Usually, when we travel, we are looking for the shortest, quickest, and most direct route to our destination. If the time factor is your number one consideration, that's the way to go. But, when you want to take time to stop and smell the roses, quicker isn't always better.

Moab is a popular destination for western Colorado travelers with tons of four-wheeling, off-road, rafting, biking, and hiking adventures. But, it's possible you are missing out on an adventure before you even get there.

Scenic Way to Moab: Everyone Should Do It At Least Once

Grand Junction locals call it "the back way."  It's a route to Moab that takes you off the main highways and travels along the Colorado River with the backdrop of beautiful red rock walls and formations. It's a drive that everyone going to Moab from Colorado needs to do at least once. I should point out the fact that it's a really good road.

The stretch of Highway 128 that connects Moab with interstate 70 cuts off about 10 driving miles from the traditional route of Highway 191 from I-70 to Moab. But, it is a winding road that requires much slower speeds, which will add anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes of travel time. If you have a little extra time to spare the next time you go to Moab, take the scenic route.

Grand Junction to Moab: Scenic Route

The scenic route to Moab, Utah from Grand Junction is a beautiful drive along the Colorado River featuring beautiful red rock walls and various rock formations. It's especially gorgeous if you make the drive in the summer when the trees are green. Here's a look at an early spring drive to Moab going the scenic "back way."

Pictures from Arches National Park in Moab

Here are some photos of the arches and rock formations within Arches National Park in Moab, Utah.

Airbnb in Downtown Moab Has Sauna, Firepit and Outdoor Shower

This Airbnb in downtown Moab has a sauna, firepit, and an outdoor shower. Take a look at the 'Casa Moab Casita' which is just a block away from downtown Moab.


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