It's October, or spooky season as we call it in my house. Halloween is right around the corner - and judging by what we saw over the weekend, so is Christmas. I digress. Halloween candy.

I made the mistake years ago of buying the cheapest candy I could find. Big mistake. I ended up with a lot of candy that no one wanted ... including me. Now, for Halloween, I tend to buy candy that I think kids will like, but, more importantly, kinds that I will like too. polled people all over the country to determine the most popular candy in each state.

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According to the poll Reese's, Kit Kat and M&M are still ranked among the most popular candies in America. I would have to agree. I love Reese's, but we don't really have them much at home as one of my kids is allergic to peanut butter.

Another finding in the poll is that six states chose candy corn as their top pick. Amusing as most people I know either love candy corn (My Mom did) or absolutely hate it (My husband does).

The poll states that the favorite Halloween candy in the state of Colorado is Milky Way. I like those too, but not sure they are my favorite. I'd have to pick SweeTARTS, which is ironic, as they are the most liked in my birth state. And I LOVE the sign - Don't ever fit in. In fact, fit out.

What's your favorite this year?

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