If you had to try to narrow down all your favorite locations to one final choice, which destination do you think is the most magical place in Grand Junction?

Would it be in nature, in a neighborhood, maybe in a restaurant, or perhaps in a city park? Let's check the list to see if your most magical place is already on the Colorado leaderboard.

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Life on the Magic Slope

See, it doesn't have the same ring to it. Life is magical on Colorado's Western Slope, and there are more than a few reasons. Living closer to nature is one of the many advantages of living in Grand Junction. The Monument, the Mesa, and the Colorado River all give off their own vibe that when paired with yours is unlike living anyplace else on Earth.

Is the Most Magic Indoors or Outdoors?

The secret to finding the most magical place in Grand Junction is to let your heart decide. For some, the most magical place is where the family gathers to be together, no matter how dysfunctional. For others, the magic is completing the hike to Lost Lake to catch the biggest fish you've ever seen at 10,000 feet. For me, the magic is out on the hiking trail admiring the lord's fine work.

It's Cool to Have More Than 1 Magical Place

I can't tell you that the Monument is more magical than the Mesa. I can't say that Lands End Observatory has more magic than the Land O Lakes Overlook. What I can be sure of is that a little of this magic has been shared with everything found here in the Grand Valley, and you get to decide for yourself how much of it you get to enjoy.

Scroll on to see Grand Junction's picks for the most magical places.

Can You Guess What is Grand Junction, Colorado's Most Magical Place?

If you could only pick one location, which one would you choose as Grand Junction, Colorado's most magical place? Would it be in nature, or in a museum, maybe in a restaurant, or perhaps a city park? See if your answer for Grand Junction's most magical place ended up on the list below.

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