2022 has been a tough year. Not nearly as tough as 2021 or 2020, but it's still been a lot this year. With Christmas happening this Sunday (we can't believe it's already here, either), we here at Townsquare Media in Montrose wanted to take a moment to say "Merry Christmas," "Happy Holidays," and everything in between!

It doesn't matter if you're celebrating Christmas, celebrating Hannukkah, or if you're just looking forward to 2023. Every one of us at Townsquare Media Montrose hopes you have a happy, healthy holiday season.

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If you'd like to celebrate with us, check out some of our featured holiday content this weekend. We've got you covered with everything about the season, from the Colorado Santa Shortage, all the way to where you can find the best Christmas lights in town. We even have a harrowing tale of a Hover Orb gone wild!

Not that into the holidays? No worries: we have plenty of other content to keep you occupied until the end of the year. So, sit back and relax, and enjoy the holiday season for what it's really all about: presents and not talking to your relatives. That's a joke, but seriously, make sure you find some time to enjoy the last week of the year as much as you can. 2022 doesn't happen very often, so let's send it out on a high note!

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Take a look at some of the Grand Valley's best holiday lights displays below. Think your house is one of the best decorated in the neighborhood? Send it to us and you could win $500.

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