A truly unique opportunity has presented itself in the form of a historic property being listed for sale for the first time ever.

The Humphrey Memorial Park and Museum is not only a part of Colorado's history but is quite a sight to be seen.

History of Colorado's Humphrey Memorial Park and Museum

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The property that is home to the Humphrey Memorial Park and Museum has origins as early as 1883 in the form of a Victorian log cabin and was officially established as what we know it today back in 1920.

As the name suggests, Colorado's Humphrey family transformed the property into a museum back in 1995 that gave visitors a unique glimpse into the past in the form of a 1930s-style ranch. As a public museum, the property featured an art gallery, and antique store, and held special events frequently.

Now, for the first time ever, the property is for sale.

Details About Colorado's Humphrey Memorial Park and Museum

The property currently for sale consists of 29.28 acres which sits at 630 South Soda Creek Road in Evergreen, Colorado. It is listed for $1,500,000.

There are numerous buildings on the property including the aforementioned Victorian cabin, two guest houses, a playhouse, barns, and what's known as the "Par-Tea" room.

In these buildings, you'll find uniquely-painted rooms which include four bedrooms, two bathrooms, multiple kitchens, an office, and numerous large rooms that can be used for anything that the imagination desires.

Now that you know a little bit about the historic Humphrey Memorial Park and Museum, take a look around before you reach for your pocketbook:

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